Digital, Mobile & Social in Myanmar 2015

After wowing us with lots of interesting stats and facts about Digital, Social and Mobile in Southeast Asia earlier this year, Social Media powerhouse “We Are Social” published an updated version of their Digital Southeast Asia almanac. This time however time constraints seem to have gotten the best of the We Are Social team as the current report only shows two slides per Southeast Asian country. However it still shows some intersting data.

Digital in Myanmar

With a population of 53.9 million and an internet penetration rate of now 9% the ongoing growth of the www is visible but obviously still way behind most other countries we observe. Thailand for example has a penetration rate of over 50%.  What is more impressive though is the amount of social media users at 7.3 million which accounts for 14% of the total population but is way more than the amount of active internet users in the country. And it gets even better. Myanmar sees 30 million mobile connections! This means 56% of the population use mobile connections which is nothing compared to Thailand’s 149% but still means a huge increase compared to prior stats here in Myanmar. The growth rate is actually pretty impressive taking into consideration that only a few years ago almost nobody had a mobile phone. Finally we see that 6.1 million users use social media on their mobile which equals 11% of Myanmar’s population but also is a higher amount than active internet users itself.

myanmar digital

Facebook in Myanmar

Due to the fact that Facebook is the biggest player in the social media field We Are Social spend some time checking Facebook stats for Myanmar in particular.

We can see that there are 7,300,000 Facebook accounts overall in Myanmar with the big majority being male accounts. The biggest age group is the group of 20-29 year olds with 2/3 being male and 1/3 being female. Obviously senior citizens do not really turn to Facebook as of yet since the introduction of internet in Myanmar is still quite new and hence not mainstream. The overall discrepancy between male and female users is somewhat strange though and shows that there still needs lots of change to happen here in Myanmar. Let’s be part of that change!


Overall some nice data here but next time it would be interesting to see more facts and specifics. So We Are Social…you know what you gotta do! The original presentation can be found here: Digital Southeast Asia 2015. brings you interesting start-up related information from Myanmar, Interviews with up and coming start-ups and offers start-up consulting in order to move our wonderful country forward. Thankfully powered by &

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