Myanmar concerned about Thai freedom of speech. How things change.

How times change! One headline that somehow ‘insulted’ our neighbors in Thailand these days was the headline: “Myanmar journalists concerned about freedom of speech…in Thailand”.

So far Thailand always saw itself as somehow superior to the rest of ASEAN and in particular to Myanmar. Due to recent political changes, that we don’t need to discuss here, it seems as if a bit has changed. Of course it doesn’t mean that everything in Thailand is bad now or everything in Myanmar is perfectly fine. However it shows that we are on a good way. Even though the ETL of 2004 is still in place (in theory) freedom of speech seems to be a bit more at hand than in other countries (e.g. Thailand, for the time being) which is a great sign towards potential investors and start-up founders.

Freedom of speech, online as well as offline, is important and one of the most precious human rights and needs to be treated with respect. While we still struggle with some blocked websites and services it is good to see that this is getting less and less and with internet service providers entering the country this can only move faster forward.

Of course Myanmar won’t take over Thailand’s place in the food chain yet but we’re on a good way and sending the right signals towards local and foreign investors – unlike some of our ASEAN neighbors.

The potential in Myanmar is huge – with current developments like seen now even bigger – let’s hope that we all can make the best of it. brings you interesting start-up related information from Myanmar, Interviews with up and coming start-ups and offers start-up consulting in order to move our wonderful country forward. Thankfully powered by &

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