Myanmar Startups Interview with White Merak Comic Studio

white merak comic studio startup interview myanmar

So here we go with our interview. Thank you so much for your time and I highly appreciate you doing it remotely and spending time reading through it. The first question is to introduce you a bit so could you let us know a little bit about you? 

My name is Aung. I am from Okkan which is situated in Yangon division, Myanmar. I also grew up in Okkan. I am focusing only in White Merak comics studio.

After your short introduction. Let’s see where you’re coming from. What’s your professional background? (Studies? Work experience? )

My background is Medical doctor. I graduated from UM-2,Yangon. After that me and my partner, Nay Oo Linn, co-founder and CTO, founded White Merak Comics Studio in 2015.

Have you always been in the start-up business? Why do you like it?

White Merak Comics Studio is our first start-up business. We love innovation and great comics.

Before we start with your venture in detail one more question about the “why”. So many students are leaving Myanmar these days to pursue goals abroad. Why did you decide to open your business here?

We want to be part of Myanmar business ecosystem and we love our country.

Alright. Down to business. What exactly are you doing?

White Merak is a studio which creating our very own comics in Myanmar. And we have our comic reader application which is a breakthrough comics reading experience giving app. In our application, other comics artists can also upload and sell their comic books or series to the customers. We are helping to promote artist and youngsters’ community and their creativities.

Here is our application download link ;

Following up the previous question with the obvious one: What makes you unique / different compared to others in the area? And are you expecting more competition to happen in the future? (If others see your idea is working).

White Merak comic reader application has a function called “Magicomix”. “Magicomix” is readable in Myanmar and English language with a single touch of a button. And also have panel by panel reading mode mixed with some animations i.e. smoke, fire, a superhero flew over the city etc.

Yes, it is most likely to be happened to have competitions.

If you would have to name the one feature that makes you super mega awesome. What would it be?

It is “Magicomix”, of course.  It is the first ever comic reading tech with animations.

Can you also give us a quick sneak peak into what’s in the making? What does the future hold for you? What are your plans?

Not only creating our own comics series, but also we are reaching out to all the comic artists in Myanmar. Somewhere between October and November, we will launch the latest version of the app packed with awesome comic books. Customers can download the comic books into their phone and read it anywhere and anytime they like after they purchased the book.

How big is the your team now? Are you still looking for support?

Now we have total 10 including me, my partner, 3 in-house comics artists, 2 commissioned artists and other supporting staffs. We are in Myanmar’s first accelerator program called “#accelerateMM” from Phandeeyar.

white merak comic studio startup interview myanmar

Now we know what’s on the horizon. Brief walk back: Was it easy to set up your business? Did you find investors / customers easily? I assume companies haven’t all been that keen on spending money for such a venture in a country that is still developing?

It was not easy to set up our business back then. Later on, we are quite lucky that we have accelerateMM program from Phandeeyar. As the Myanmar business ecosystem is now changing, many investors are keeping an eye for the startups in Myanmar.

What was the biggest hurdle to overcome when starting your venture?

How does an “average” day look like for you right now?

(No sleep, lots of coffee and pizza? You know the stereotypes ;-))

An “average” day for us is long, lots and lots of coffee, many negotiation with the artists and so many ahead of us.

Are you actually doing hands on start-up stuff (or do you have help from incubators, consultants, etc?)? Or have you been? In a garage? Or did you work in a supermarket?  (The last stereotypical question. Sorry 🙂 )

At first, we are on our own. Then, we applied to accelerator program at Phandeeyar, Myanmar.

What’s your impression on the start-up scene in Myanmar right now?

It is astonishingly growing for right now in Myanmar.

Do you work together with any other start-ups?

Yes, we are in an accelerator program in which there are 6 startups including White Merak.

What kind of start-up venture are you missing in Myanmar at the moment?

That would be education and healthcare sectors.

Since we’re spreading the word here. What do you want our readers to know?

Business ecosystem in Myanmar is now changing and more startups and innovative businesses are on the way.

Famous last words 🙂

That will be our motto ;

“You are the superhero of your life”

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