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Our latest interview on is with a very interesting and quite different startup. I’m quite happy we came across this cool new venture and I’m glad to be able to introduce you to

So here we go with our interview. Thank you so much for your time and I highly appreciate you doing it remotely and spending time reading through it. The first question is to introduce you a bit so could you let us know a little bit about you? 

My name is Zin Mar Lwin and you can also call me Josephine. I am from Myanmar and grew up in Taunggyi City which has a very nice weather. I co-founded this online grocery store, with two partners John and Mike. I am the Operation Director and currently taking care of the whole operations since we started our operations in June 2014. We took 8 months in planning, organizing, executing operation procedures and our website, was launched in January 2015.

After your short introduction. Let’s see where you’re coming from. What’s your professional background? 

I finished my matriculation exam in 2006 and continued my further studies abroad. I also studied Hospitality Management and worked in Fairmont Singapore as an intern. But then I was really interested in financial sector and I graduated from University of London with Accounting and Finance Major and worked in a serviced residence company as an accountant.

Have you always been in the tech / start-up business? Why do you like it?

I would say is my first online start-up business. I am not from Tech background and had not much knowledge about the tech industry. But we, our team, believe that technology can make people’s lives easier. While other countries in South East Asia already have a mature and strong tech industry, Myanmar is just becoming an emerging market for e-commerce. So we do believe that we have to make use of Technology to enhance our daily lives in our Country.

The reason I like my business venture is that we can help make people’s lives easier. We want to help people save time and spend their precious time on things they love, be it with their families, friends or doing whatever they love. They don’t have to spending two or three hours trying to get their groceries.

Before we start with your venture in detail one more question about the “why”. Many students are leaving Myanmar these days to pursue goals abroad. Why did you decide to open your business here?

There are so many reasons why people choose to pursue their carrier abroad – in well developed countries:

  • Attractive Pay
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Great working environment
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Well developed countries’ benefits

Almost all of them gained experience working in Multinational Corporations and they enjoy those benefits. For us, it is quite exciting and challenging to start a new business in a developing country like ours and I do love challenges. So our team decided to enter into the tech/service industry and set up a new type of E-Commerce business and I decided to come back to Yangon. If I worked in Singapore, I probably would never have a chance to try to start my own business. I believe that Myanmar will have a huge market in the future since it is still a developing country. As a start-up, we can grow together with the country and we want to grow together. Most importantly, we can contribute a little bit to the economy and the society we live by creating more job opportunities, making people lives easier.

dailymart online grocery shopping myanmar

dailymart online grocery shopping myanmar

Alright. Down to business. What exactly are you doing?

Daily Mart ( is the very first online grocery store in Myanmar. There are a lot of online stores on Facebook or websites but we are quite different from them. We only focus on grocery items such as Food, Beverages, Health & Beauty Products, Household and Baby items. People can buy their daily essentials needs on our website and we delivery them straight to their home. Let’s say you run out of your shampoos or your favourite snacks or drinks, you just log on to our website and place your orders. So you don’t have to spend two or three hours driving to supermarkets, getting stuck in the traffic.

We have same day delivery service and we delivery three times a day 9AM-1PM, 1PM-5PM and 7PM-10PM and you can order up to 2 weeks in advance. We carry over 1,400 products under five categories which I mentioned above, Food, Beverages, Health & Beauty, Household and Baby. New items are added regularly.

We designed our website to be very simple and user friendly. So everyone can access and get their groceries online. It is available in both English and Myanmar so even elderly people can access to it. Back to our question, what exactly are we doing, we are helping people to save their time. They can forget about spending two , three hours going to supermarkets. They can just spend 10 minutes on our website and get their groceries straight to their doorstep on the same day.

There are only a few steps buying on,

  • Sign up your account with an email address
  • Add items into the shopping cart
  • Press “Check-out” and fill up your delivery address
  • Choose delivery time & date and just place order.
  • Currently, payment is Cash-on-delivery. However, we are implementing an online payment system and it will be live in a few months.

If you would have to name the one feature that makes you super mega awesome. What would it be?

What makes us unique is the categories of products we focus. We are an online grocery store with home delivery service. We are the one-stop service for your groceries needs. You don’t have to worry about carrying heavy items like Rice, Cooking Oils, Baby Diapers, Milk or Juices because they will arrive at your doorstep. We do care about our service quality and we make sure our delivery team will meet and exceed our customer expectation. We make sure we deliver our orders on time and the products are good.

We noticed there are a few competitors coming up in the market. The industry is quite new to everyone and it is good to see competitors in the market. It makes us to try to become better than our BEST.

What really sets you apart?

I would say it would be the shopping experience on dailymart. I would also encourage you to make some purchase through our website for one time and you will be ordering again and again. The user interface is simple, the shopping steps are easy. Most importantly, you save a lot of time. How awesome it is to stay at home, order things you want online and having them delivered straight to your doorstep. You only have to move your fingers. And you can get them on the same day. Our cut off time is only 30 minutes before the delivery schedule. Let’s say you want to get between 9AM-1PM slot, you can place your order 30 minutes before 9AM. It is really nice.

Can you also give us a quick sneak peek into what’s in the making? What does the future hold for you? What are your plans?

The e-commerce industry is growing in Myanmar with the help of better internet penetration and growing mobile phone usage density. People are already familiar with internet since social media like Facebook, Instagram are very popular here. And there are more and more people buying clothes, accessories and other items online through Facebook pages, so e-commerce industry is in its beginning stage. When the online payment system comes in place, it will get much exposure and a lot of people will get engaged in shopping online because it saves time and safer for the seller. 

Currently, we have 3 delivery slots a day. In the future we will add more delivery slots, probably with two-hour slots so our customers can reduce waiting time and have better timing of when they will receive their order. We will also roll-out our mobile application in coming future. At the moment, customers can shop on their mobile phones but it will be much easier to use an APP. We also intend to have more items and varieties in our product range too. We will also introduce Dailymart mobile application to provide better, easier shopping experience to our customers.

How big is the your team now? Are you still looking for support?

We have a small team at the moment. But we will be expanding our team especially in the marketing area to gain better awareness. We also need to educate more and more people to get their groceries online and how it will make their lives easier.

Currently, we are not looking for support at the moment, but in the future we might when we want to expand really big.

Now we know what’s on the horizon. Brief walk back: Was it easy to set up your business? Did you find investors / customers easily? I assume companies haven’t all been that keen on spending money for such a venture in a country with low internet density. 

Starting a business is never easy. Executing the plans are even more difficult. But we love what we do and this gets us where we are going. We have investors. The most interesting part would be building our customer base. People here are very used to going to shopping centers or supermarkets when they need to restock their groceries. It has always been the only way. is here to offer a new way to save your time and make grocery shopping much easier. Almost everyone has internet at the fingertips and technology will make their lives easier. The city’s roads are getting crowded and people are getting busier, this is the right time to make use of the technology and solve those problems.

It is true that many companies are not so keen on spending money for such a venture. This kind of service is never been in the industry. But we wanted to do something different and we wanted to help people save time. So we started this online grocery store.

What was the biggest hurdle to overcome when starting your venture?

In Myanmar, the biggest hurdle will be the people habits of going to local markets, infrastructures, payment system and the limited internet access. It’s early days not only for the infant startup, but also for the e-commerce industry around it. With recent telco rollouts across the country and development in internet infrastructure, more and more people are moving online. Eventually we believe every household will have internet broadband at home and slowly more people will be addicted to online shopping since everything is just a click and they can browse thousands of products without having to walk around.

How does an “average” day look like for you right now?

Initially we have stressful days while setting up all the front end and back end operating systems. We believe in technology and autonomy, we need that to keep our operations smooth.

After our website is launched, we are now focusing on improving our marketing team and brand awareness, meetings with suppliers to provide more variety of products, and looking at our website and steps to improve better user experience. And of course delivering the orders by our delivery team.

Are you actually doing hands on tech or consulting stuff? Or have you been? In a garage? Or did you work in a supermarket? 😉 

We are doing hands on tech. But we do listen to feedbacks from our customers and also from our friends who give us ideas on how to do better.  HA HA I have never worked in the supermarket before but I used to go there quite often.

What’s your impression on the start-up scene in Myanmar right now?

We notice there are a lot of tech start-ups in Yangon and other new business ventures in Food & Beverages sector like bars, restaurants and chains.

It is really good to see young people are getting engaged in those ventures and they are doing their best to be successful. The internet is here and it also opens up a lot of opportunities for tech start-ups. The internet will create a big change here and it is going to be for better.

Do you work together with any start-ups?

We do not work together with any start-ups but we love meeting new people and new start-ups. We can always learn from each other.

What kind of start-up / tech venture are you missing in Myanmar at the moment?

I think we need to have more and more tech companies who look into payments such as online payment or mobile payment. There are some in the market but the more the better. Maybe broadband internet companies as well.

A bit crystal balling: What’s the next big thing? In Myanmar as well as on a global scale?

I think e-commerce industry in Myanmar is still a little bit in their early stage but we now have mobile phones and internet easily available to everyone, e-commerce will grow big. With the new job opportunities being created, people will get busy and they are looking for more ways to save time and e-commerce could be the answer. It could be one of the fastest growing industries in coming few years.

Since we’re spreading the word here. What do you want our readers to know?

We would really do want you to go to and buy your groceries for one time. Then you know how much time and energy you could save from buying online. And also share your experience with your friends. You can also directly email to us if you want us to tell something. Just write to and we will definitely get back to you.

That marks the end of our interview. I’m super happy and thankful to have dailymart here on and if you want to know more about them check either or dailymart on facebook brings you interesting start-up related information from Myanmar, Interviews with up and coming start-ups and offers start-up consulting in order to move our wonderful country forward. Thankfully powered by &

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