Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2015

We here at myanmar-startups.com are very pleased to present to you the Rice Bowl Startup Awards that will be held during the ASEAN Entrepreneurship Summit in Kuala Lumpur, November this year. It is the first ASEAN award that recognizes breakout startups that harness technology innovatively. What sets the awards apart from other accolades is that they are developmental in nature and focus on enhancing the nominees and giving them regional exposure.

rice bowl startup awards

The Rice Bowl Startup Awards celebrates rising startups that are worthy of regional awareness and presence, use technology and modern business strategies to deliver their service offerings.

rice bowl awards

As rice is a staple diet among Asians, so is technology for fuelling businesses of the future. The Rice Bowl Startup Awards is the first ASEAN award that celebrates rising startups that harness technology innovatively to propel their business regionally.

rice bowl awards

The Rice Bowl honours rising startups that:

  • Embrace mobility by harnessing technology, especially in web or mobile, in redefining business strategies
  • Promise high growth potential and are worthy of a regional shout-out


To celebrate ASEAN’s successful startups that will push new frontiers into the global digital tech race. The award is reflective of ASEAN’s sustained efforts in recognizing the contributions of its people in promoting inclusivity and diversity as businesses become borderless and impact the way people work, collaborate and innovate.

rice bowl awards


Rice Bowl Winners are selected based on “excellence in overall experience” by a panel of distinguished international industry experts, celebrity technology innovators and illustrious entrepreneurs.


Top 30 Finalists get:

  • Startup media coaching
  • Regional media exposure
  • Matched with interested VCs and investors

Top 10 Winners get:

  • The Rice Bowl Trophy
  • Bragging Rights


  • June 1 : Call for Regional Nominations
  • Oct 1 : Announcement of Top 30 Finalists
  • Nov 22 : The Inaugural Rice Bowl Startup Awards

You may check out all the key dates here.


New Entrepreneurs Foundation (myNEF) is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on creating and developing sustainable entrepreneurs via strategic developmental programs. MyNEF designs and caters programs with entrepreneurs in mind, helping them achieve their business goals. For more information, visit www.mynef.com.

Nominations can be done over there at www.ricebowlawards.comPlease send in nominations / submissions directly to the Rice Bowl website before 31st August this month.

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