Start-Up Interview: Revo Tech – Revolutionizing Technology in Myanmar

Our next interview on is with a very cool start-up. Revo Tech – An IT company aiming to revolutionize technology 🙂

So here we go with our interview. Thank you so much for your time and I highly appreciate you doing it remotely and spending time reading through it. The first question is to introduce you a bit so could you let us know a little bit about you?

Hi, My name is Myo Myint Kyaw and I’m the co-founder and CEO of Revo Tech. I was born and grew up in Yangon. Revo Tech is the creative digital agency, and our main focus is to create websites and mobile apps which our clients are proud to show off to their business contacts, friends, and family apart from running creative digital agency we are also working on our in-house mobile apps. 

myo&nay revo tech myanmar

After your short introduction. Let’s see where you’re coming from. What’s your professional background?

Revo Tech was founded in 2012 as a creative digital agency, and our team is led by Myo Myint Kyaw and Nay Htet Aung. Myo is a Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Revo Tech. He graduated from Middlesex University of London, UK, with the degree in Business Information Systems. He worked as a software developer in London, and then in Singapore before he moved back to Yangon to start Revo Tech.

Nay is a Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Revo Tech. He graduated from James Cook University in Singapore. Nay worked as a web developer in Singapore for past seven years.

Have you always been in IT? Coding? How did you come up with the idea for Revo Tech?

We started learning about programming and coding after high school. While working full time in Singapore, we started freelancing for web design projects. We got regular projects to the point where we decided to take a risk, quit our full time jobs, and start our own company.  

Before we start with Revotech in detail one more question about the “why”. Many people leave Myanmar for other countries around Southeast Asia. Why did you decide to do it in Myanmar?

We love our country and to be part of this nation’s re-building process by sharing our experiences and knowledge.

Alright. Down to business. Why an IT Company? Aren’t there enough IT company and agencies out there?

We just love what we do. We don’t think about other things really.

Following up the previous question with the obvious one: What makes you unique?

We are innovative. We want to create products that do not exist in the market, yet. Example: Phew Myanmar Alphabets iPad App.

What was the biggest hurdle to overcome when founding Revotech?

It was very hard to find the right talent two years ago. Slow Internet . Black Out at summer time.

What’s your impression on the start-up scene in Myanmar right now?

I’m very positive.

If you would have to name the one feature that makes Revo Tech super mega awesome. What would it be?

If I have to name the one feature which makes Revo Tech outstanding, it would be “strategic innovation.”  We are always thinking outside of the box to create products for our customers and we pay attention to their details. 

Can you also give us a quick sneak peak into what’s in the making? What does the future hold for Revo Tech? What are your plans?

Aside from our regular projects, we are also working on our own mobile apps that will revolutionize the way kids learn Myanmar alphabets and numbers.

Currently, we are working on a secret project that is really awesome. You will see it when we launch it!

How big is the Revo Tech team now?

There are 12 people including Nay and myself.

myo&design-team revo tech

Now we know what’s on the horizon. Brief walk back: Was it easy to set up Revo Tech? Did you find investors easily? I assume companies haven’t all been that keen on spending money in Myanmar?

It’s never easy to start a business. Revo Tech is our baby but it wasn’t born with a silver spoon in its mouth. We started from scratch and we worked long hours with a lot of stress, sleepless nights, and headache. Revo Tech is still a private owned company, but we are looking for investors in the near future to take our company to next level.

How does an “average” day look like for you right now?

 Revo Tech is a design-driven company so we spend a lot of time on iterating product designs and client works.

 Do you work together with any start-ups?

Although we haven’t done the projects together, we hang out a lot with some of the start-ups founders. We look forward to working together with them.

What kind of start-up / tech venture are you missing in Myanmar at the moment?

We need a lot of start-ups for education and health care. They are the most important areas we need for our country.

A bit crystal balling: What’s the next big thing? In Myanmar as well as on a global scale?

Mobile Apps Development, Online payment and online travel portal will be the next big things in Myanmar. On a global scale, Tesla and Space X are important.

Since we’re spreading the word here. What do you want our readers to know?

We are not just working for money, but to be part of this nation’s re-building process by sharing our experiences and knowledge. We need other young educated Myanmar to come back here and work together so that our country can go forward.

Famous last words

Steve Jobs is my hero, and I want to share two quotes with all of you.

“ If you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long.”

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Contact Revo Tech here:

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